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There are NEW, separate links for Humpback Whales, Orca/Killer Whales, Pacific Whitesided Dolphins, Stellar Sealions and Harbour Seals with many NEW and additional images. We are continuing the revamp and expansion of our site. There have been many site improvements and we are continuing our efforts.
We have been told that Google's Search does not find specific images right away. Since it takes a bit of time for all the search criteria to propagate, this may cause some of your searches not to be displayed immediately. Stepping through our thumbnails may be faster initially until Google has re-indexed the site.

There is much more in the works. Check back regularly for the new improved SG Images.
For current access to licencing information and pricing of our images, please email us with the name and number of the image or just drop us a note on how you like the changes so far.

Image Gallery

Photos in the gallery are being reorganized for easier access to the images you need. These are just a minimal sampling of our thousands of images.

Further expansion of the Gallery is underway.

Wildlife Since we have added the separate links to specific cetaceans and seals, the Wildlife section has been modified only slightly until the new links and updates for the other images such as deer, bear, birds etc. are finalized for the site.
Working Coast TheWorking Coast section currently covers images of the Canadian Coast Guard, logging, and fishing. Some images are of historical interest: the remnants of sawmills and canneries of years ago.
Scenics Our Scenics section has been greatly expanded with landscapes of the BC coastline, waterfalls and some more sunsets. Watch for the section on Native art and culture.
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